Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Fetch a Keh-Cloth and Clean your own Weh-Windows

"I always told Geh- @Granville8 the corner shop would be his one day."
 Together again: David Jason as Granville and Stephanie Cole in Still Open All Hours shooting on location in Balby, Doncaster
"Mrs. Feh-Feh-Featherstone hasn't changed a bit, that stint in Corrie done her the World o' good"

And when – after almost 30 years – Open All Hours returns to our screens, viewers will see that stammering Albert Arkwright was true to his word.
In plans for a Christmas special revealed yesterday, Sir David Jason will once again play Granville.
This time, however, the one-time hapless grocery assistant is in charge.
Family favourites: David Jason and Ronnie Barker in Open All Hours which will return to our screens at Christmas
Family favourites: David Jason and Ronnie Barker in Open All Hours which will return to our screens at Christmas

The show will also feature Lynda Baron, 74, returning as unlikely sex symbol nurse Gladys Emmanuel.
"In the new episode, I have died and passed the shop onto my nephew in my will."
A show source said: ‘The other characters will mention Arkwright, and his picture will be up on the wall of the shop.’
In the original series, Granville was often referred to as ‘young lad’, even though Sir David was over 30 when he played the role.
Filmed in Doncaster, Open All Hours ran for 26 episodes between 1976 and 1985.
Sir David Jason will once again play Granville in the Christmas special Running the show: Granville takes charge in Still Open All Hours with a new assistant Leroy to help him
Sir David Jason will once again play Granville in the Christmas special

It had 17million viewers at its peak and in 2004 was voted eighth best British sitcom in a nationwide poll.
Much of the plot was taken up with Arkwright’s clumsy attempts to woo Nurse Gladys, including several unwanted attempts to climb up to her bedroom window with a ladder.
The devious shop owner was expert at persuading customers to buy his products but was miserly with his own money.

" 'Ere, Ste-Steady on we are a Neh-Nation of She-shopkeepers after All"

Every episode ended with Arkwright shutting up shop for the night and reflecting on the day. The one-off episode has been written by Roy Clarke, who penned the original series. 
Sir David, 73, said yesterday: ‘I am sure there is an audience out there who would like to see what Granville has been getting up to in the corner shop. It will be a great family show for Christmas and a fitting tribute to the legacy of Arkwright.’

"Well said Geh- @Granville8 now Feh-Fetch a Cloth"

Mr Clarke – who is also known for his success with Last of the Summer Wine and Keeping Up Appearances – added: ‘This has been fun – a great opportunity to work with David Jason again and to suggest how things at that corner shop might look today.’
Mark Freeland, the BBC’s controller of UK comedy production, said: ‘Having the chance to see Arkwright’s beloved shop again, now run by Granville, I hope will bring broad grins to lots and lots of faces at Christmas.’
In 2006, Arkwright’s original shop – a hairdressing salon which was converted for filming – was saved from demolition after a campaign group fought off council proposals to bulldoze it as part of wider regeneration plans.
Popular: Open All Hours ran for 26 episodes between 1976 and 1985 and had 17million viewers at its peak
Popular: Open All Hours ran for 26 episodes between 1976 and 1985 and had 17million viewers at its peak
Embedded image permalink
Arkwrights Today, now a Hairdressers, in Balby Doncaster.
"Picture provided by Seh- @silvercabby "

Two years later, it was put up for auction but failed to meet its reserve price. 
The BBC said it would start filming the new episode next month but had not yet decided whether it would be shot in the original location.

Shop front: The exterior setting for the shop is exactly the same one as used in the original series
"But as you can see they did" Good Luck @Granville8 and keep off of Feh-Featherstone"
Read more:
 HOPE to see ALL FEH-FORMER and NEW Customers in our Keh-Christmas Special,
Beh-Boxing Night on BBC1 7.45 till 9.15 peh-pm. Geh-GMT

Monday, 25 November 2013

How to Enjoy a Christmas Turkey

Step 1: Geh-Go buy a Teh-Turkey, Last Years on Special Offer
Step 2: Take a drink of bourbon, scotch, or whiskey
Step 3: Put turkey in the oven
Step 4: Take another 2 drinks of whiskey
Step 5: Set the degree at 375 ovens
Step 6: Take 3 more whiskeys of drink
Step 7: Turn oven the on
Step 8: Take 4 whisks of drinky
Step 9: Turk the bastey
Step 10: Whiskey another bottle of get
Step 11: Stick a turkey in the thermometer
Step 12: Glass yourself a pour of whiskey
Step 13: Bake the whiskey for 4 hours
Step 14: Take the oven out of the turkey
Step 15: Take the oven out of the turkey
Step 16: Floor the turkey up off the pick
Step 17: Turk the carvey
Step 18: Get yourself another scottle of botch
Step 19: Tet the sable & pour you a glass of turkey
Step 20: Bless the saying, pass and eat out!

Happy Christmas! to All Customers and Friends

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Heh-Hash Teh-Tadgery

Weh-Why Do Feh-Fools Feh-Fall in Teh-Tub
  Leh-Like a Beh-Bat out of Geh-Gel
Veh-Video Keh-Killed the Reh-Radox Star
i'm We-Washing on a Ste-Star
Keh-CoalTar Meh-Miners Deh-Daughters
Deh-Dont Lever me Deh-That Weh-Way
Keh-Climb upon my Neh-Knee Seh-Sunlight boy
Deh-Daz the Weh-Way i Leh-Like it A-A-A-A-A-A-Ah A Ah
Everybodies Geh-Gone Seh-Surfing Seh-Surfing usa
To Seh-Surf with Leh-Love
Reh-Rub a Deh-Dub Feh-Three men in a Teh-Tub
I'm Feh-Feh-Forever Beh-Blowing Beh-Bubbles
Che-Chess may be the Geh-Girl i can't Feh-Forget
Spe-Spam Spe-Spam Spe-Spam Spe-Spam
for 4th. of Jeh-July American Peh-Pie
Peh-Pasta the Weh-Way I Like it A-A-Ah Ah
I'm a Peh-Pink Tooth Beh-Bruschetta your a Beh-Blue Tooth Bruschetta
Seh-Sitting on the Deh-Dock of the Beh-Bacon
Meh-Mumma hes Meh-Making Pork Peh-Pies at Me
When the Seh-Sausage Rolls are called up Yeh-Yonder
Yeh-You can't Keh-Curry Leh-Love
Teh-Tears on my Peh-Pilau
Sgt. Peh-Peperoni Leh-Lonely hearts Keh-Club Band
Oh Yes Deh-They Call him the Ste-Streaky
Happy Beh-Beefday to Yow
Deh-Danish Beh-Blue Meh-Moon
Unbreak my Teh-Tart
On the Che-Chicken Wings of Leh-Love
Seh-Slice and Easy Deh-Does it
Weh-Willycum Feh-Fair
Deh-Don't go Beh-Breaking my Teh-Tart
Deh-Doing the Lamb-Beef Weh-Walk
ongs Everybody's Peh-Pork n Apple Me
Samosa Sorry Neh-Now
If your Irish Keh-Come into the Peh-Porker
A Peh-Pizza Hut A Peh-Pizza Hut Keh-Kentucky Fried Che-Chicken and a Peh-Pizza hut
Beh-Black Pudding is Black I want my Beh-Baby Back
An American Tripe-ogy
I saw Meh-Mommy Keh-Kissing Chicken Claws
Seh-Sausage Roll out the Beh-Barrel
Neh-Nymphs and She-Sheperds Pie away
Ooooh I do Leh-Like to Beh-Beef beside the Sea-Silverside
Who will Beh-Buy this Weh-Wonderful Brawning
Oh What a Leh-Lovely Beh-Boar
Cheeses Weh-Wants me for a Seh-SunBeam
What a Feh-Friend we have in Cheeses
If I Roulade the Weh-World
At the Leh-Lamb Shank its a little old Peh-Place Where we can Geh-Get together Lamb Shank Beh-Baby
Leh-Lamb Shank it all Over
Teh-Two Peh-pints of Leh-Lager and a Peh-Packet of Keh-Crisps Peh-Please Ooooh Sorry Weh-Wrong Keh-Counter

Cher-Shrimp Peh-Paste is a Keh-Coming Deh-Theres Dancing tonight Cher-Shrimp Peh-Paste is a Keh-Coming the Veh-Vans in Sight

Motor Peh-Piking
Beh-Bre-----eam, Beh-Bream Beh-Bream Beh-Bream
Teh-Twist and Teh-Trout
Heh-He was a Ske-Skate a Beh-Boy I said Seh-See Yow Leh-later beh-Boy
Eel Ye Neh-No Keh-Come Beh-Back again
Keh-Cod only Neh-Knows Weh-What i'd do Weh-Without Yow
Weh-Where ever i Leh-Lay my Heh-Haddock
Deh-They Call me the Meh-Moonlight Keh-Crabler
Neh-Nice and Eels y Deh-Does it
Feh-Three Cods int' Feh-Fountain
I Beh-Bream of Geh-Jeannie Wi' Leh-Light Beh-Brown Hair
Spratts-All Beh-Be the Deh-Day
By the Teh-Time I Geh-Get to Tuna it'll be Heh-Herring
Meh-Magic Meh-Mollusks
Weh-We're only Meh-Making Plaice for Neh-Nigel
Weh-Whale Oil Beef Hooked Weh-Whales are Meh-Mammals
Cher-Sharky and Geh-George
Heh-Help me Meh-Mako through the Neh-Night
Seh-Sardines Peh-Peppers Leh-Lonely Hearts Keh-Club Beh-Band

Anchovys away My Beh-Boys
Yow can't Heh-Hurry Leh-Loach
Yow don't Seh-Send me Feh-Flounders anymore
Geh-Gurnard (Geh-Gercher)
At the Keh-Conga Conga Cabana
Keh-Cockles from Keh-Cockle Sea
Spe-Spawn Feh-Free
Reh-RollMop the Beh-Barrel
Fer-Thanks for the Anenomes
Meh-Maggot Meh-Momments
Keh-Catch me if you Keh-Can
I'm in Peh-Plaices Bits n Peh-Plaices
Weh-WunderBream by Tadpole Tuna
Roach anne Yow Deh-Don't have to Peh-Put on a Reh-Red Leh-Light
Geh-Gladys is Meh-Making Fish Peh-pies at me
Keh-Catch a Feh-Falling Starfish Peh-Put it in your Peh-Pocket and Feh-Fetch a Keh-Cloth
One Peh-Plaice at a Teh-Time
Spe-Spratts the Way I Leh-Like it

Am I Teh-Trawling Yoooooo-------ow
Weh-Will Yow Answer Teh-Toooooo-------oh
Leh-Lobster Meh-Mash
The Teh-Time Whelk
Deh-Doing the Leh-Lambeth We-Whelk
A-Auntie Meh-Mary Had a Keh-Conga up the Leh-Leg of her Dre-Draws
Weh-When she Feh-Farted it Deh-Departed Feh-Flapping its Weh-Way out the Deh-Doors
Peh-Prawn Feh-free
Reh-Roe Roe Roe Thy Beh-Boat Geh-Gently Deh-Down Thy Stream
Weh-Whey------------L yow Meh-Make me Weh-Wanna Trout
Teh-Tits and Ass-Anchovy's
I've Geh-Got One Haddock in my Peh-Pocket Ah-Alanis Meh-Mollusk-ette
Feh-First Keh-Cuttle is the Deh-Deepest
Thy Heh-Haddock Bags and Thy Geh-Gladys-Rags
Meh-Maggot Meh-May
If i was a Feh- Fishman from Teh-Tidler ont' Reh-Roof
Meh-Move Dover Seh-Sole Deh-Darling
I Weh-Wish i was a Feh-Fisherman the Water Bouys
I'm Feh-Fishing on a Ste-Star
She-Shes a Peh-Prawn Teaser
I'm Deh-Dory so Deh-Dory
Geh-Go John Weh-West
Teh-Tanks for the Meh-Memories
You Meh-Make me Eel Meh-Mighty Reh-Real
Deh-There was a Young Weh-Woman from Eeling ( Beh-Bet its not a Seh-Song Deh-Doh)
Reh-Reels on Feh-Fire
Deh-Dabs the Weh-Way i Leh-Like it
Deh-Ding Dong Meh-Merrily Feh-Fish Peh-Pie
Can you Fill-et
  Heh-Hash Teh-Tadgery is Feh-Fun i only weh-wish I could Cher-Charge Fer it Leh-LOL
Der-The Meh-Man with the Geh-Golden Keh-Crumbs
The Beh-Boat that i Reh-Roe
Feh-From Russia with Leh-Loach
Teh-Ten Geh-Green Beh-Bottlenose Deh-Dolphins Heh-Hanging on Thy Weh-Wall
Feh-Fish in Neh-Newspaper Teh-Tied up with String Deh-These are a Feh-Few of my Feh-Favorite Things
Jeh-Jesus Weh-Wants me for a Seh-SunFish
I'm a Leh-Leaving on a Jeh-JetPlaice
Seh-Scampi Seh-Scampi, Seh-Scampi the Beh-Bush Keh-Kangaroo
They Keh-Call Him Feh-Flipper
Fer-Througherly Meh-Modern Mussel
I'm a Peh-Pink SwordFish your a Beh-Blue SwordFish
Heh-Has anybody Seh-Said Jeh-Jaws Yet Leh-LOL
Hi-Ho seh-Silver Beh-Bream
If your I-Fish Keh-Come into the Peh-Parlour
Der-There a Weh-Whelk-come Hear for Ye
Leh-Live and Feh-Fish Peh-Pie
The Leh-Laughing Peh-PollockMan
Weh-Whale-Oil be Seh-Seeing yow in all the old Feh-Familiar Peh-Plaices
Peh-Pack up yow Tre-Trouts in yow old Keh-Kit Beh-Bag
Eels are Geh-Good Eels are Geh-Good he's Ebeneezers Geh-Good
Shoal by Reh-Rumour
Fish an Chips an Seh-Sausage Reh-Rolls
Then he Strikes Like Keh-Cod-Beh-Ball by Tom Johna
I Gotta BehBrand New Combine-Trawler you gotta Beh-Brand Neh-New Quay
That H.A.D.D.O.C.K. Reh-Reaches its Seh-Sell-By todayeeee_.
Jeh-Jeh-Jeh-Jeh-Jeh-John Dory Seh-Seems to be the Heh-Hardest Weh-Word
Feh-Flounders Keh-Keepers losers Weh-Weepers
Weh-We're all Feh-Fishing on Ow Summer 'Oliday (Feh-Fact)
Seh-Sitting on the Deh-Dock of the Bayliff Watching My Teh-Tenner Weh-Walk away
Deh-Dive another Deh-Day
Veh-View to a Che-Chill
Neh-Knock on Head
Neh-Nip to me Do-Da's Neh-Nip to me A'ss Keh-Catching Crabs What a Weh-Wonderful Deh-Day
Beh-Bowing Owt Now Twe-Tweepers Yow had Meh-Moneys Worth

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Marksman Sam

Written by Marriott Edgar   
When Sam Small joined the regiment,
'E were no' but a raw recruit,
And they marched 'im away one wint'ry day,
'Is musket course to shoot.
They woke 'im up at the crack o' dawn,
Wi' many a nudge and shake,
'E were dreaming that t' Sergeant 'ad broke 'is neck,
And 'e didn't want to wake.
Lieutenant Bird came on parade,
And chided the lads for mooning,
'E talked in a voice like a pound o' plums,
'Is tonsils needed pruning.
"Move to the right by fours," he said,
Crisp like but most severe,
But Sam didn't know 'is right from 'is left,
So pretended 'e didn't 'ear.
Said Lieutenant, "Sergeant, take this man's name."
The Sergeant took out 'is pencil,
'E were getting ashamed o' taking Sam's name,
And were thinking o' cutting a stencil.
Sam carried a musket, a knapsack and coat,
Spare boots that 'e'd managed to wangle,
A 'atchet, a spade... in fact, as Sam said,
'E'd got everything bar t'kitchen mangle.
"March easy men," Lieutenant cried,
As the musket range grew near,
"March easy me blushing Aunt Fanny," said Sam,
"What a chance with all this 'ere."
When they told 'im to fire at five 'undred yards,
Sam nearly 'ad a fit,
For a six foot wall, or the Albert 'All,
Were all 'e were likely to 'it.
'E'd fitted a cork in 'is musket end,
To keep 'is powder dry,
And 'e didn't remember to take it out,
The first time 'e let fly.
'Is gun went off with a kind o' pop,
Where 'is bullet went no-one knew,
But next day they spoke of a tinker's moke,
Being killed by a cork... in Crewe.
At three 'undred yards, Sam shut 'is eyes,
And took a careful aim,
'E failed to score but the marker swore,
And walked away quite lame.
At two 'undred yards, Sam fired so wild,
That the Sergeant feared for 'is skin,
And the lads all cleared int' t' neighbouring field,
And started to dig 'emselves in.
"Ooh, Sergeant! I hear a scraping noise,"
Said Sam, "What can it be?"
The noise that 'e 'eard were lieutenant Bird,
'Oo were climbing the nearest tree.
"Ooh, Sergeant!" said Sam, "I've 'it the bull!
What price my shooting now?"
Said the Sergeant, "A bull? Yer gormless fool,
Yon isn't a bull... it's a cow!"
At fifty yards 'is musket kicked,
And went off with a noise like a blizzard,
And down came a crow looking fair surprised,
With a ram-rod through 'is gizzard.
As 'e loaded 'is musket to fire agen,
Said the Sergeant, "Don't waste shot!
Yer'd best fix bayonets and charge, my lad,
It's the only chance yer've got.
Sam kept loading 'is gun while the Sergeant spoke,
Till the bullets peeped out of the muzzle,
When all of a sudden it went off bang!
What made it go were a puzzle.
The bullets flew out in a kind of a spray,
And everything round got peppered,
When they counted 'is score... 'e'd got eight bulls eyes,
Four magpies, two lambs and a shepherd.
And the Sergeant for this got a D.C.M.
And the Colonel an O.B.E.
Lieutenant Bird got the D.S.O.
And Sam got... five days C.B.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Prices of Ther-Things Today

 Eggs Up Knickers Der-Down! Must Ter-Tell  Ner-Nurse Ger-Glady's Emmanuel, Ger-Granville Wer-Watch the Shop!
  visit our corner shop...especially the lair..ladies or I could deliver at notice! 

are we still selling them cakes the ones with the dead flies on.... They look like ...currants!

Aye Leh-Leh-Ladi we'ore jeh-just ceh-call em Feh-Feh-Feh French Fancies

  What have i told you about Che-Che-Chucking Away Peh-Peh-Perfectly good Seh-Soiled packets


no uncle I have Ner..not thrown them away......just stored them near the bins in t'yard. .....

  There's thing ahv allus wanted to know uncle.... Her...who wer..was my real fer..fer...father?
  Wer-Wer-Well I suppose it could be anyone of a Teh-Troop of Hungarian Soh-Soh- Soldiers Just Peh-Peh-Peh-Passing Through.

ahm supposing that the fer..fer..flys on the wer..wall are the same ones on the ker..ker..cakes....! I think I'm in love..Mavis

I'm fer fer fer following you ;)) xxx
 Weh Weh Welcome Zu-Zu-Zu-Debbie we Heh-Have a Neh-Nice Keh-Cooking oil good Feh-Feh-For Sun Beh-Beh-Bathing.
thh thh thh thank you fer fer fer the follow back swh swh sweetheart :)) xxx

O-Oh Beh-Beh-Blushing Now! :0)

Nurse Gladys Emmanuel isn't around is she? Shh shh she will have your ghur ghur guts for garters! ;) x
Cher-Cher-Shes Running an Iron over me Tre-Tre-Trousers not at all Weh-What i Heh-Had in Mind when i Air-Air-Asked her To

Geh-Granville Polish those Seh-Suprise Dinner Tins on that She-shelf the ones without the Leh-Labels

they're not a sur..sur..surprise to most folk not if they're expecting ber..ber..broken ber..ber..biscuits!
ker..ker..crumbs... Wer..wer ..well they wer..will be by ner.. Now!
oi oi

oi oi oil Cooking or Engine? we have the Leh-Leh-Lot at Ar-Ar-Arkwrights Empor-por-por-porium

Weh-Wife Swapping Should not be Meh-Mentioned in the Veh-Viccinity of Ner-Nurse Gladys Air-Air-Emmanuel
if you think I am ker..carting all that oi oi oil down to the west country fer..fer..think on!!
Weh-well I don't Ner-Know where the Ger-Gentleman lives But You've got to Earn that Three pound Weh-Week Weh-Wage

I'm Only Teh-Teh-Tight in the Tre-Tre-Trouser Department
You know that's news to me.... I never knew we had a ter..ter..trouser
Can yow sell me four candles?


Peh-Pink One or Teh-T'other from Heh-Here Seh-Sorry candles Seh-Slightly Used Leh-LOL
Weh-Weh-Welcome Peh-Peh We Have a Range of Neh-Neh-Knitting Wool Peh-Peh-Perhaps you could Knit Ger-Granville a New Teh-Tank top
maybe I will:)
Ger-Great i'll Leh-Let Him Know Hes Heh-Had t'other one Since He was Teh-Ten
bout time for a new one then ;)
 @possumpot ahl ave you know all the ler.. ladies think my tank top ser. .suits me even though its a little on the small side..


Weh-WeH-Welcome Meh-Meh Always Neh-Nice to See a Bre-Brave Local Peh-Peh-Peh-Peh-Peh-Soldier with Money Beh-Burning a hole

Thats enough Feh-From Me Otherwise Geh-Gladys will Geh-Give me a Thick Ear
Teh-Thats Alright Geh-Good luck on your Que-Quest :0)x
Hello to you too,lol
Weh-Weh-Welcome Leh-Leh my shop is always open for Geh-Gentlemen of Neh-Northern extraction up the Beh-Beh-Beh-Baggies
uncle are you sipping the funny stuff again. .....
oh aye Weh-Weh-Wincarnis Teh-Teh-Tonic Wine it makes yo Feh-Feel a bit Leh-Light Headed and Support Che-Chelsea

you'd beh. .better keh. .keep your weh. .wits about you sipping the funn
y stuff is addling your beh..beh..brains!
oooooH I Keh-Keh-Couldn't Employ any of them Seh-Soft Southerners in my She-Shop I'd Geh-Go Beh-Beh-Bankrupt Air-Air
my pob is then!!

TY 4 the follow ~ Appreciation
 Weh-Welcome Spe-Spe Are you Leh-Local or South of Deh-Donny Veh-Visit our Shop in Balby Weh-When you got a Mo
 Weh-Welcome Yeh- for you Neh-Next Gourmet Air-Air-Extravagansa Might i Seh-Suggest our Seh-Surprise Cans
yow shure con me mon
I am as Reh-Real as Leh-Leh-Leh but hes Neh-Not a Meh-Member of Deh-Donny Shopkeepers Ass-Ass-Association
  this was me as a toddler before I started earning big money at your corner shop....
  Eh-Heh Thats when yer Mam Neh-Knitted that Teh-Tank top Feh-Feh-Fetch a Neh-Nappy
ah wish I knew who my real peh..peh..parents were did you know me mam?
Granville8 your Peh-Probably like yeh-yeh- yamyam three Meh-Messages up, Now Get Peh-Polishing those Apples
Open All Bowles the Meh-Meh Movie
little corner shop of horrors hehe!
  welcome new follow>
Weh-Weh-Welcome Feh-Feh I Leh-Like your Feh-Farting Slippers do they Meh-Make that sound when you Weh-Walk in them
  Haven't found a manufacturer who can get the sound right, hopefully soon though.
Geh-Granville could make you a Reh-Recording after he finishes one of my Leh-Large bars of Whole Neh-Nut he 
Dddddid you have a good day in the shop today??
  Meh-Meh-Mainly Window Shoppers But Weh-When we got them in That Seh-Silly Geh-Granville tried to Seh-Sell them the Windows
❤───██▀╔╗╦ ═╦╗╔╗║░╦██▀╔╗╦─╦─╔╗║░║ ──❤ 
❤───██▀║╝╩ ═╩╝╠╣╚╦╝██▀╚╝╚╝╚╝╚╝╚╩╝─❤ 
❤───██─╝║──── ╩║─║─██───────────❤ 
❤─── ───────❤..
OooH I Deh-Don't Know about this -F-F-FF ing hope i Deh-Don't make a Peh-Peh-Pigs Ear of Feh-Things
Thanks 4 mentions

  :D but what does it all mean?? ...:: ??????????

Ore Leh-Lad Have You Neh-Not Seen Meh-My TV Show Visit Meh-My Blog And Weh-Watch an Episode
  ddddo yooou sssselllllll cooooooffffeeee?

  :D but what does it all mean?? ...:: ??????????
  -F-F From Your Feh-Friendly Leh-Local Corner Cher-Shop. Yes Deh-David We Heh-Have Kenyan, Brazilian, Indian or Bradford
Ta for the ffffffffff
  EEh! Heh-Having to explain to an Eh-Eh-Indonesian about Meh-My Corner Shop Seh-Seems like Feh-Flogging a Deh-Dead Horse 
 Weh-Welcome Seh- We don't see many Cher-Short Skirts and Heh-High Heels around these Peh-Parts as they do in Air-Air-Essex
  we are not all like that or are we orange oompa loompa's lol x
Heh-Here the Leh-Lasses Like to where thick Woolens Covering up there Uh-Uh-UnTouchables so I Gather from exploring Gladys 
  Seh-Someone in the Feh-Far East Just asked me Weh-What was all this -F-F-F Leh-LOL
  -F-F From Your Feh-Friendly Leh-Local Corner Cher-Shop
  th ther th thankyou... der de der darling :)))) xxx
-F-F From Your Feh-Friendly Leh-Local Corner Cher-Shop
 ": -F-F From Your Feh-Friendly Leh-Local Corner Cher-Shop". < Th th thanks heheh

Eh Up Leh-Lad can i Reh-Releave you of the Beh-Burden of Such a Heh-Heavy Wallet?
 Weh-Weh-Welcome Jeh-Jeh Feh-From the t'other side of the Peh-Peh-Pond I Geh-Gather a bit to far to Peh-Pop to me Cher-Shop

 Weh-Weh-Welcome Ass- as a Weh-Wine Buff you Meh-Might like our Spe-Special offer Vintage Beh-Beaujolais nouveau from Japan
  never tried a jap one,maybe granville has , can you ask him please ?

 Geh-Geh- Have you tried this Jeh-Japanese Beh-Bojolais and I Heh-Hope you Peh-Paid if you Did?
-F-F From Your Feh-Friendly Leh-Local Corner Cher-Shop
  ta much!
  watch out for the notorious cash drawer
Weh-Weh-Welcome Fu-Fu- Oop Neh-North we have a Seh-Saying its Oop Neh-North Usually Peh-Preceded by Feh-From I see your Meh-Middle
  Haha ! You're gonna be fun x
  Aye My Geh-Gladys Says That Weh-When i'm Standing in me Keh-Combinations While she Irons me Tre-Trousers
 Weh-Weh-Welcome Leh-Leh An enegetic Teh-Talented lady Deh-Does Your Heh-Husband Reh-Rick Draw any Co-Co-Conclusions Le-LOL
  my beloved Draws many Co-Co-Conclusions... good thing you are Open All Hours LOL
 Fer-Thanks Fer your Oh Deh-DEAR
Weh-Weh-Welcome Jeh-Jeh Interesting Ble-Blog on Ah-Ah-Africa in a Feh-Former Life my Meh- Mother came from the Keh-Kenya
very impressive (the stutter).
  Weh-What Ste-Ste-Ste-Stutter Leh-LOL
 Weh-Weh-Welcome Meh-Meh-Meh I Heh-Have a Deh-Des O'Connor Reh-Record thats soo old the Heh-Hole has Heh-Healed up Leh-LOL
I thought Granville had a collection in the back room
was jer. .just delivering.sum grocery an Ner Ner noticed am being fer..fer. .followed by strangers! !!
Well Feh-Follow em Beh-Back before they leave Cher-Shop Lad
 Gre-Gre-Greetings Ga-Ga not Leh-Lady Ga-Ga Weh-Where Do you Heh-Hail From?
  from the Colonies! now in the land of Poles.
  Oh Aye a Am-Am-American in Poland Beh-Beat that Geh-Gene Kelly Can ya Deh-Dance with Deh-Dustbin Lids ont Feh-Feet LOL
  seriously looking forward to my weh weh welcome :-)
Weh-Welcome Ah Lovely Southern Leh-Lass But Her Heh-Heart is in the Neh-North My Father Weh-Was a Flautist but they Got him Fer it
  thank you :-)
 Weh-Welcome Bre They Teh-Tell me Your Peh-Pies Rival Saxbys Neh Even Meh-Melton Meh-Mulberry Do you do other Peh-Pies aswell
  Hello Mr A - they don't lie you know - ours are rather fine, and not like other pies. At the mo just pork pies & Crackle.
  Oooh is that Cre-Crackling as in Peh-Pork i'm on me way in July i'll come and Peh-Partake and Say Heh-Hello Brundall 14 days
  Marvellous. :)
  thanks for the ff f ollower Grr Granville lol
 Weh-Weh-Welcome Heh-Heh Neh-Northern Cher-Chap Not the Leh-Laird of Beh-Ballantrae but Yowl Leh-Look
  and the real der-der-deal :)
 Weh-Weh-Welcome Si-Si- They Teh-Tell me you Heh-Have the Neh-Knowledge How much is it from Balby, Donny, to London?
  If I had a scobby where it was I might be able to help you :)
@ t t t t ta ver ver very much

 Gre-Gre-Greetings Yo-Yo Much Feh-Favoured Amongest Neh-Northern Community Beh-Back

 Weh-Weh-Welcome Reh- I Seh-Support Am-Am-Amnesty Thingy Meh-Me self but Not Feh-Financially of Course No Whale Oil for Lamps now
Ner Ner not sa..sure ah want people to me having intercourse uncle! !!
  Thanks. Have a good 'un !!
  th th th thank y y you.
 RT : Gre-Gre-Greetings Yo-Yo Much Feh-Favoured Amongest Neh-Northern Community Beh-Back >> hell yeah!
  another great Yorkshireman!!!

  Aw Weh-What an accolade Geh-Great YorkShiremen I feel like Sir Geoffrey Beh-Boycott without the Reh-Runs
 Weh-Welcome Jeh From Buxton Lovely Spe-Spar Toon in Deh-Derbyshire I stock your Water Mine Teh-Tastes like Peh-Pussy in t' Well
  thank you Sir :o)) very lovely Buxton and glad you stock the water :o)
Oooh Ste-Stocking Makes me Think Neh-Nearly time to Spy on Neh-Nurse Gladys She will undress infront of window Beh-Bless Her

  haha oh yess :o)) totally bless her :o)
Weh-Weh-Welcome Deh- I Leh-Like aswell Corn Beh-Beef Tattys and Onions Kent the Garden of England, Donny the Back Yard
  Thanks for that warm welcome! I trust Granville is well?
  He's a feh-feh-feh funny fu-fu-fu feller tha knows.
 Weh-Welcome Seh Walsall Seh-Supporter and Beh-Barmy army Cricket Feh-Fan Vladivar Veh-Vodka from Weh-Warrington is Stocked Ear
good work fella

can't promise that ah wunt dig jn to the peh peh peanuts before ah gerrem delivered tee hee
Weh-Weh-Welcome Li-Li- Lovely Oriental Leh-Lass or is it a bad Feh-Photo You'd be a Lovely Teh-Takeaway for Geh-

  Erm thanks, I think? Lol
  ahl mek sure the stuff I deliver is feh. Feh..Feh..fresh for you le..lassie lol
  Haha ok then :D
 Weh-Welcome Feh-Feh Knowing Beh-Barnsley answer Peh-Playboy The only Peh-Playboy in toon is called Peh-Parkingson Tourism Cull
  That sher..sher..sher should be tarn. Anyway da der der Dicky Bird is a peh peh playboy as nurse Gladys Emmanuel.
  Thx for the
  my beh...beh..bells gone rusty whe. .when can ah have a new

uncle ah think ahm in love. .....*sigh*


ah Dont talk ah talk be be bikes.!!!
Nite Nite Northern Tweeps Geh- Leh-Lock-up know ahm supposed to be on a Der Der Der date now ahm ler..late tuh!

Weh-Weh-Welcome Th-Th are you an Irish Leh-Lass or an Import Veh-Very nice Import i must Seh-Say if only to Meh-My Follows

 Th-Th-Thank U!! :)) XOXO
  Th-The-Thank you! Ve-Ves-Viseted your Leh-Local Shop! Bea-beau-Beautiful! And Th-The-Thanks for
  Well we do Peh-Pride Ourselves on being Neh-Neat n Teh-Tidy Even if I Heh-Have to Chase Geh- to achieve this Feh-Feat
  send the lad round, mind he doesn't forget the beet. I'll have something nice waiting fer him
  Geh- Get Beh-Bike out yow Geh-Got a Delivery don't Feh-Feh-Forget Beet you Lazy Boy

 Weh-Weh-Welcome Reh-Reh OoooH I could Seh-Sell yow some Feh-Flit for that Beh-Bugger on your eye Meh-Makes me want to Optrex
  Took me ages to train the mozzie for that shot. Glad you like it!

  Oooh its Mem-mesmorising Keep Heh-Hoping you Beh-Blink and Squash the Beh-Bugger Oooh I'm Seh-Starting to itch again
Weh-Weh-Welcome By-By Eeee I Leh-Like your Neh-Name Buy n Go thats Meh-Music to my ears Leh-Like the Shop Beh-Bell
  you need a proper shop like Mrs B's in Gornal village. Ha. Granville can run the old un.
  Oooh is Mrs Beh-B's on Leh-Line i'll ge er a Leh-Look so long as shes Neh-Not one of these Heh-Happy Shoppers I'm More Humpy Shopper
  Aye sin it Neh-Now Leh-Louise Steet, Lower Geh-Gornal Duddy its got a Reh-Restaurant en all Geh- would eat Neh-Non Stop

 Weh-Welcome B- Beh-Busy Mum Come Beh-Browse our Cher-Shop Special offer this Weh-Week Surprise Cans Dog Food or HomePride Mince?
  thankyou lol! You & recommended by :)
Oooh he's that Neh-Norwich Beh-Black Cabbie Leh-Lovely Chap I suppose in his Weh-Work it Peh-Pays 2B

 Weh-Weh-Welcome Keh- My Peh-PA is Geh- I Peh-Personally Assist Gladys Out of Heh-Her Clothes Weh-When she lets Me
 Everyone follow xx
 Weh-Weh-Welcome Ste From Leh-Leafy Surry Leh-Lover of Candy Feh-Floss and Looks like Dover in the Beh-Backgound of yow Beh-Blog Pic
  I thank you! It's actually Ber ber ber ber ber-ber-ber Bognor. x
OoooH Beh-Bognor Feh-Funny Name for a Lovely Place Named after Feh-Famous Baggies Player Cyril Regis Leh-LOL
  Heh-Hello Fellow E-E-Entrepreneur Will yow Accept as an Ap-Ap-Apprentice He works Che-Cheap £3 per Weh-Week will Do
Ahl only do it if he buys me a bike!
Bo-Both of you a-aa-are a gr-gre-great team! Oh that's hard to write in stutter:)

  Aye Weh-Wer a Leh-Lucky Find not so Leh-Lucky if your a Beh-Busy Corner Shop in Beh-Balby a bit of a Deh-Dreamer
Fer-Thanks nice Seh-Series you Heh-Have There Peh-Prefer Live Audence Weh-Whenever possible Canned Leh-Laughter is anoying
 Weh-Well Had a Leh-Lovely Afternoon in Peh-Park Listening to Beh-Brass Band hunreds of Old Keh-Codgers n chairs It wer like Geriatric Glasto
 Took Some Jeh-Jubblys T' Peh-Park and Handed Them out teh Kiddies Feh-Freezer wer on Beh-Blink half Peh-Price for Oldies All Heh-Heart Me
Weh-Welcome OcK-Ock Deh-Dithering one & Beh-Black Country Leh-Lad yow Spe-Speak Leh-Lingo wi Coal Deh-Dust in thy Veh-Veins
  Owd on Mr Arkwright I spakes better an Mrs Jardine
  Heh-Who's Mrs Jardine Weh-When shes at Home?
  Day dreaming is fine! Takes you right back into childhood. Was a really good time - for me!
Was it Leh-Like Skippy and the Reh-Ranger Dad, "Weh-Whats that Skip Theres a Keh-Car Down a Reh-Ravine" All 'armless Teh-Tosh
Weh-Welcome Ji- From Weh-Wirral are you the Meh-Missing Piece of the 6000 Peh-Piece One I Just completed been Leh-looking for you
  Looking for the best holiday ever? Want your own personal Cruise Guide?
 No Leh-Lad yow Geh-Got to Visit the Shop and I talk yow into Beh-Buying something yow Deh-Dont Need, T'Other way Ah-Ah-Around
Ahm askin fer a rise ahv med oop me mind!  
  owz lovely nurse gladys these days ?
ahv a ser..ser..soft spot for ner...ner..nurse Gladys Emmanuel .... has a hard spot in the ser..ser..same spot!!
Weh-Well she keeps me Deh-Ducking and Diving her Reh-Right handers and Neh-Nuzzles to her luv Peh-Pillows Grrr

Just Like to Peh-Point out Neh-Next year you Weh-Wont' be a Meh-Millionare

Weh-Welcome Beh- Your a Beh-Big Lad Geh- granville8 Tried BodyBuilding once its Weh-Wonderful what you can make out of Leh-Lego
  he he good one i prefer sticklebricks lol

Weh-Welcome Je We av New Feh-Fangled Polish Peh-Products this Weh-Week Pop in and let me take some Weh-Weight off yer wallet
Haha.. it will be my pleasure ;)
Weh-Welcome I had a Hairy Piece once She Wer Shirley Crabtree I dumped Er Seh-Sharpish When she played Fer Beh-Bradford Northern
  Hi, me & the lads thank you for your welcome! Do you sell Blue Nun in your store? The Prestbury estate has a drought! x
We Haven't Had a Blue Nun since Winter of '63 Nuns go round in twos Tha Knows one Nun watches the other Nun don't Geh-Get None

  I thought they travelled in 3s, ain't had nun, don't want nun, can't get nun!
 Weh-Weh-Welcome Keh-Keh You Seh-Seem to be a Jeh-Jack of all trades I'm a Geh-Great Cooker of Books Leh-LOL
 Weh-Weh-Welcome El-El I see you visit the Neh-Nurse Just like me Only Mines more Feh-Fun OOps i Dribbled on me Peh-Paper
  yep my nurse wasn't nurse Gladys lol!
Very Weh-Welcome Neh-Norman My Jeh-JailBird Bruv difference between us is you got caught, the only Bird i'm doing is Gladys
  Make sure you keep that snout under the counter like we agreed.
Where the Congenial Heh-Harry Grout Can't find it Aye? Peh-Personal stash is safe and Feh-Favorably Priced
  My hero! xo

  Oooh Nurse Geh-Gladys Calls me that or was it Ah-Ah- A-Hole
I'm a jack of all trades master of Nun!!!!
Oooh the Beh-Blue Nun Would take a Deh-Dim view of that But i Deh-Dare say the Beh-Brown Nun would Love it

 Weh-Weh-Welcome Leh Feh-Famous Song Blue Meh-Moon reminds me of Geh-Gladys Emmanuel Getting Caught short in Weh-Woods last Xmas
  haha great tweets.
Weh-Welcome any time at Cher-Shop
Weh-Welcome Keh- we Deh-Don't Stock Teh-Tena Lady We'd be Hard Pressed to see a Teh-Tenner anywhere Locally so Sweat on Luv
  nooo then arz can cee that theee's bowd ta be a lil cheeky bugger eh

  Ooooh Cracky Lass We Could Feh-Flirt Behind Geh-Gladys Back but i'm Only after thy Leh-Loose Change
Weh-Welcome Le E Your Blog Photo Looks Like Trough of Bowland not very accessable to public Like Neh-Nurse Gladys Nether Reh-Regions
  Ha :-)
Weh-Weh-Welcome Ni another Keh-Customer from Land of Curry I told Geh- we should have got those Veh-Vesta Massalas
  tell me if any spices needed? frm the port of Bombay to the Granville store..
Oooh they do luv a Keh-Curry in Donny I'll have to ask the Leh-Local Take away 'The Turbanater' if they Neh-Need any
Weh-Welcome Ka- Lady G-G-Ga Ga Seems to be Teh-Taken the Peh-Pee out of by her outfit Deh-Designer a Nurses outfit would Deh-Do
  love this!!! But can't RT :((
You can Visit Cher-Shop and comment all Cher-Chat appears there if I-I-Interaction occurs Oooh I see you are Leh-Lol

Weh-Welcome Geh- a Reh-Robots Fan Only Automation I have She-Suffered is when Neh-Nurse Gladys Smacks me one Fer Trying it On
  L L L lol ger Granville!
Weh-welcome Reh- Bee of a Cher-Shirt Clash Wi Baggies v Teh-Toon we should have Teh-Tigger Stripes For Bouncing Boing-Boing
  th th thank you lol welcome to my world
Weh-Welcome Peh are you Cha-Chubby and Beh-Brown Like my Neh-Nurse Gladys Visit shop I'll elp yow Empty thy Heavy Peh-Purse
  Do you like pens?

  Yes we Seh-Sell Biros and Reh-Refills our main stock can be Feh-Found tucked behind Geh- 's Ear
Weh-Weh-Welcome Teh Lovely Yorkshire Leh-Lass When your in Donny Neh-Next Pop int' Shop and Spe-Spend that Heavy Leh-Loose change
 Ta very muchly!
Weh-Weh-Welcome Meh From T'other end of Teh-Tunnel Keh-Kent is the Geh-Garden of England Thy Neh-Knows Donny is thy Back Yard

  indeed I do! I hope you're not working Granville too hard up there in this warm weather
Weh-Weh-Welcome Keh Feh-Fat Keh-Cow from Eh-Essex Deh-Don't Know if yow Should Visit my Shop the Feh-Floor boards Won't Tek it

  there must be room in your shop for 2 large whites Arky x
Oooh Geh-Go on then Geh- can Nuzzle his Feh-Face in 'Em at Leh-Least it'll Keh-Keep him out of Geh-Gladys Cleavage
Weh-Weh-Welcome Seh Your Peh-Pussy is Like my Shop Cat and the Jeh-Jam Tarts For Months Folks Thought Paw prints Wer Smily Faces make me chuckle :)
Weh-Welcome Neh-Northern Brainy Lasses are few n far between in Donny I say this because their attracted to Geh-
  thanks for the follow.. Oh! There are a lot of "brainy" lassies up here. But they don't have my wit and cheeky humour Lol.. ;)

  w w w what time does your shop open? I need some strongbow and a box of rubber jonnys
We from Open Deh-Dawn till Deh-Dusk For All your Reh-Requirements May I suggest the Leh-Local Brand Reh-Rubber Donny's

 Weh-Weh-Welcome Seh- Geh-George Formby was our most Feh-Famous Ukelele Peh-Player It turned out Neh-Nice again When he Deh-Died
  Apparently he was found, Stalin-like, hanging from a lamp-post on the corner of the street...
Geh-Good Job a Seh-Certain Little Leh-Lady Didn't Heh-Happen By, The Seh-Southerners Never Forgave the Neh-Northerners for him
Weh-Welcome Leh Hash Teh-Tadgery is Feh-Fun Beh-But it Weh-Wears out Thy Keh-KeyBoard Sumit Reh-Rotten No Beh-Bugger RT's N'all
  and I read your tweets to the sound of Arkwrights voice. I RT a couple of yours today, thank you for making me laugh :0)
 RT : Eels are Geh-Good Eels are Geh-Good he's Ebeneezers Geh-Good >>> 140 characters with a stutter - Life ain't easy
  You Keh-Can Say Deh-Dat again Cos I Feh-fecking Can't Leh-LOL
  hahahahaha! Oh Wow! LOL. Now see? That's going to be stuck in my head ALLLLL day!
  Fer Fer Fer Fuk me ur on Fer Fer Fer Fire today :) 
  Are you a spastic?

Neh-Neh-Neh-Neh-Neh-Neh-Neh No Jeh-Just can't Geh-Get me Weh-Worms Out
Weh-Weh-Welcome Beh Bit of a Keh-Controversial new Choice of Meh-Manager for the Villa But hes a Goodun Fans will Learn to Luv him

  . Y'know I am the original mrs fa fe fe fe faw featherstone

You Peh-Paper bill is overdue See Geh- for your Heh-Health and Officialdom Meh-Mag News of Weh-World now under counter

  lol.. I hope you boss knows your selling that particular rag ;)
  Oooh its just the last Keh-Copy farewell Neh-Nudes of the World

Arkwright "Wur Ear-Ear-It all Stir-Stir-Started, it Weh-Weh-Were Like a Feh-Feh-Feh-Feh-Fly on Weh-Weh-Wall Deh-Deh-Deh-Deh Doc-Doc-Doc-Doc Program"